WCHM Athletes are ready for the Pan Am Masters / Les athlètes de la WCHM sont prêts pour les Maîtres panaméricains


WCHM athletes are ready for the Pan Am Masters

The 2023 Pan American Masters Weightlifting Championships will be held in Orlando, USA, from May 24  - 28.  There are 27 athletes representing the Canadian Masters (WCHM); fifteen men and eleven women.  Our group is composed of some well experienced international masters athletes, such as Isabelle Gauthier, Sylvie Guénette, Manon Poulin, Judy Quinn, Michel Pietracupa, Martin Walt and Mario Boucher, just to name a few.


Our athletes have been training very hard for the Pan American Championships and many will also be competing at the Canadian Masters Weightlifting Championships, July 14 – 16 in Midland, Ontario.


On behalf of their family at Weightlifting Canada Haltérophilie Masters, we wish them great success, an enjoyable time and a safe journey. When the championship has concluded, I will post their great accomplishments on this website’s results page.

Sylvie with Coach Alex Fera
2023 Pan American Masters Canadian Team@0.5x
Tin Ly.2023 Quebec Provincials