Frequently Asked Questions / Les Questions Fréquemment Posées


1. What competitions can I compete in and can I break Canadian Masters Records at those competitions?


If you are a CMWFHCM member you may compete in any provincial or local meet as long as you meet the competition entry requirements.  Our members are also members of Provincial Associations for that very reason.  You may also compete in Canadian Masters Weightlifting Championships or other sanctioned national meets as well as International Masters Competitions if you meet the qualifying totals.


Canadian Masters Records can be broken at Provincial Masters competitions, Canadian Masters, and International Masters Competitions (World Masters Championships, World Master Games, Pan-American Masters, Word Cup).


There are established Minimum Record Standards for all bodyweight categories. We will still keep the last set of old bodyweight categories on our website for archival purposes. Our Records Secretary manages this portfolio. Records Certificates are awarded to members who have successfully established or set new records.


Records – Canadian Masters Weightlifting Federation (cdnmastersweightlifting.org)


2. What are the Categories that are contested in Masters Competitions?


CMWFHCM age groups start at 30 (only applicable for Canadian Masters and not Provincial or International Competitions), Men and Women:  35-39, 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59, 60-64, 65-69, 70-74, 75-79, 80-84, 85+  For Record Purposes, extended age categories can be contested.


Bodyweight Categories are the same as for the Seniors.

Women (45, 49, 55, 59, 64, 71, 76, 81, 87, 87+)

Men (56, 61, 67, 73, 81, 89, 96, 102, 109, 109+)


3. Are there Qualifying Totals for Masters Competitions?

There are qualifying totals for competitions at or above the National level, unless stated otherwise.


4. When do I actually enter a masters age category?

You are in an age category starting January 1 of the year you turn 35, for international events, or 30 for the Canadian Masters Championships.

5. What is the Hall of Fame and how do I reach that level?

Our Hall of Fame Secretary manages this portfolio by monitoring CMWFHCM membership participation and placement in the Canadian Masters Weightlifting Championships, and the International Competitions in which records can be broken. When a member attains 125 points he/she is awarded a Hall of Fame Certificate and special pinsThis is an honourable level to be awarded as it demonstrates a strong commitment to competitive lifting and successful accomplishments.

Hall of Fame – Canadian Masters Weightlifting Federation (cdnmastersweightlifting.org)


6. Are Masters Competitions subject to drug testing?


Yes. Provincial Associations are subject to drug testing according to their policies and that of Weightlifting Canada Haltérophilie.   The Canadian Masters Weightlifting Championship is also subject to drug testing under our (CMWFHCM) Federation Anti-doping Policy.  Anti-doping information can be found on our website where we post the most current WADA Prohibited List and other information for our members.


Anti-Doping/Antidopage – Canadian Masters Weightlifting Federation (cdnmastersweightlifting.org)


7. How can I best prepare for an International Competition?

In addition to belonging to a local club (though not mandatory) and having a knowledgeable coach, the athlete should have some Provincial and National competitive experience either as a Senior or a Master.  One should be knowledgeable about qualifying totals, qualifying periods, and the requirement of registering through our National Chair.


8. Are the rules for Masters the same as the Seniors?

Masters follow the IWF rules for the two lifts and the general technical rules related to them, the bodyweight categories, equipment used and the jury (when one is in place). The athlete must meet or exceed the qualifying total to receive an international medal regardless of their position in the championship. International Masters follow the 80% rule for their starting lifts. Please refer to the IWF Masters Rulebook on this website.


IWF Rules and Regulations – 2019 – Canadian Masters Weightlifting Federation (cdnmastersweightlifting.org)


9. Where do I get the Canadian Masters weightlifting singlets?

Periodically our Federation will contact its members via email and/or on our website how to purchase these singlets.  Our Board is examining other methods of making some of our sportswear more available to members.


10. Is it possible to be a CMWFHCM member and not be a competitive lifter (athlete)?

This may at first seem like an odd question since the reason most master-aged athletes become CMWFHCM members is for national and international competition participation as well as being eligible to break Canadian Masters Records. But we also have members who join to assist our Federation and members who may have experienced injuries that may prevent them from competing.  For many of us, though competing is the major reason to join, there is a sense of a national community regardless if we are on the platform competing or in another assistive role with our own Provincial Associations or within our Federation.


11. What is the relationship between the CWFHCM and WCH (Weightlifting Canada Haltérophilie) ?

Both Federations are independent of each other but closely associated as members can belong to both groups. We both adhere to the IWF rules and some special rules unique to the IWF Masters Committee.  Both Federations share the same mission and objectives, with our Federation focusing on the 30 plus age group. A number of our younger members still compete as Seniors and are also registered with the WCH. Many of our members are also Technical Officials and provide their volunteer services to competitions hosted in both Federations.


To break Canadian Masters Records, the athlete firstly is a member of CMWFHCM and also of the WCH through membership in their Provincial Weightlifting Association (which is one of our requirements).  By being a member of CWFHC, our members can compete locally and provincially, and acquire entry totals needed for our National Competition.


The relationship between our Federations is supportive and respectful. We are proud that our members also belong to WCH where they can utilize many good things such as anti-doping information, coach development, and technical official training.

CMWFHC – Who What Where – Canadian Masters Weightlifting Federation (cdnmastersweightlifting.org)



12. Are CMWFHCM members covered by a medical insurance plan while training or competing?

Our Federation does not provide athletes with medical insurance. That responsibility belongs to each athlete who should ensure that they are protected by their provincial health plan or their own private health plan.


13. Why do you think an athlete takes up Masters Weightlifting?

Here is an article by a gentleman some of us may know from the past. Food for thought!



14. Why should I join the CMWFHCM?

The WCH represents the interests of all weightlifters in Canada. Their focus is broad. The CMWFHCM on the other hand, is specifically focused on the needs of Masters weightlifters. In addition to that, we further divide those ages into five-year increments giving our members a great opportunity to excel on the national and international arenas.  We are pleased that WCH approves Provincial Masters Competitions organized by Provincial Weightlifting Associations. At those competitions, our members are allowed to contest Canadian Masters Records.


The main incentive to joining our Federation is that the athlete can compete against others of similar calibre. Our members also find it rewarding to make the acquaintance of new friends and reconnect with old friends when they gather at local, national and international meets where they have the opportunity to challenge Canadian Masters Records and receive Certificates for those accomplishments.  Upon accumulating sufficient experience and awards at such events, some will be inducted into our Hall of Fame and receive special pins and Certificates. Furthermore, our National Chair is very experienced and dedicated to assisting athletes preparing for international competitions.


Training towards competing also gives our member athletes that extra boost to train wisely, maintain a healthy lifestyle and stay in the best overall shape consistent with their age and general health. To facilitate this, our Federation strives to educate our members in the safe use of what they physically consume.  We have a Director of Doping Education and an Anti-doping Education Committee to keep our members updated about the prohibited list of the World Anti-doping Agency (WADA) and how to be clean athletes.  Our Federation is a proud member of True Sport and works closely with the Canada Centre for Ethics in Sports (CCES).


With the influx of new members, some from a weightlifting background and many from transferable-skilled type sport, there will be a need to ensure that coaches fully understand and appreciate the needs of masters’ age athletes.  The Federation is considering how to cooperate with and assist provincial associations in supplementing their coach development for master’s age members in their local clubs.


Although our sources of revenue are limited (we receive no government grants as those are reserved for the younger athletes) we do our best to address the needs and concerns of our master athletes. Joining us will not make you rich in the wallet.  But it will enrich your weightlifting soul.


Welcome to the Club! / Bienvenue au club! – Canadian Masters Weightlifting Federation (cdnmastersweightlifting.org)