National Chair Appoints Guardians Of The 2021 World Masters Team Plaques


World Masters Team members and alternates were selected by the Office of the National Chair from those members whose entry totals were well in excess of the qualifying total. The IWF Masters Secretariat determines team points according to the rules described in the IWF Masters Rule Book.

Manon Croteau


The National Chair has appointed two Guardians to hold on to the trophy on behalf of the Canadian Masters Weightlifting Federation. Guardians retains this responsibility and privilege until they cease to be a member of the Canadian Masters Weightlifting Federation, at which time another Guardian is appointed.


This year’s Guardians are Manon Croteau, seen in this photo, representing team members Isabelle Gauthier, Megan Apostoleris, Cathy Hambly, Kirsten Riewe, Krista Pell, Carol Akasaka and Whitney Dell and Claude Caouette representing team members Raf Korkowski, Glen Hutchinson, Sacha Amédé, Éric Chevrier, Jocelyn Normand and André Boutin. The Womens Team captured third place with 179 points and the Mens Team earned fourth place with 181 points.


Next year’s World Masters will be held in Orlando, Florida, from December 2-10.