You have reached the Membership Application Page of the CMWFHC. Please follow the steps listed below as you complete the form.

Step 1:  Carefully read this Anti-doping Agreement

This agreement is completed as part of WCHM Membership application or renewal. Completing your Masters Membership Registration acknowledges your compliance with WCHM Anti-doping policy.

 1. I have read the WCHM anti-doping policy and I am familiar with the CADP and will abide by all the applicable provisions.


2.  I consent to random anti-doping testing at the annual Canadian Masters Weightlifting Championship or any approved WCHM competition, or out-of-competition random testing, if applicable.


3. I understand that refusing to submit to sample collection, evading sample collection, or tampering/attempting to tamper with any part of doping control, constitutes a violation of the anti-doping rules.


4. I am aware that there may be sanctions for violation(s) to the anti-doping policy resulting from the use of prohibited substances and methods that are identified on the WADA Prohibited List.


5. I understand that I have the right to request an appeal to the WCHM Anti-doping Disciplinary Committee’s decision with regards to testing and/or accusations involving violation of the anti-doping policy.


6. I have completed all the required anti-doping education material.


7. I have informed my coach(s) of all the above noted items in this agreement and have been assured that she/he will also adhere to the regulations, provisions, and sanctions outlined in all relevant policies. I also understand that I may be required to sign this form during an approved competition weigh in.

Step 2. Examine the Antidoping Agreement for Membership Application. 

Step 2:

Complete the WCHM Anti-doping Lessons.

The CCES anti-doping education course may be required for participation in the Canadian Masters Weightlifting Championship (CMWC). Members are advised to regularly check the CMWC registration requirements.

2023.WCHM_.Antidoping-Lessons.2023.10.03.pdf (wchmasters.org)

 Step 3. Complete your membership registration and payment.