Donations / Les dons


Membership Dues are most appreciated.
However, they may not be enough to meet our program objectives.

Weightlifting Canada Haltérophilie Masters (WCHM) is a Canadian sports organization that is dedicated to supporting Masters Weightlifters who aspire to participate nationally and internationally. For the last thirty-five years, WCHM has operated as an independent national sports organization. Since WCHM is not part of Weightlifting Canada Haltérophilie, it cannot access provincial or corporate grants or funding from Sports Canada. WCHM is not currently provided any financial assistance from its National Sports Organization, WCH. The only source of WCHM revenue is the annual membership fees.



Here are two great ways in which you can support your organization:


1. World Masters Coach Honoraria Fund (WMCHF) Goal ($2000)

A fund that provides a modest honorarium to coaches who assist multiple member-athletes at a World Masters Weightlifting Championships.

2. Sports Liability Insurance Fund (SLIF) Goal ($2000)

A fund that will assist WCHM to provide insurance for our volunteer Directors, Secretaries, and Provincial Representatives carrying out their responsibilities as well as all persons involved with organizing the Canadian Masters Weightlifting Championships; such as competitors, Technical Officials, host committee, competition volunteers and the host venue.



Although donors cannot receive official income tax receipts, a Certificate will be issued (for contributions under $20).

For contributing greater than $20, donors will be sent a Certificate and a special thank you medal.


Donations may be sent to president@wchmasters.org When making your donation, please identify the Fund of your choice; WMCHF or SLIF.


Thanks so much for your help!