Who are they and from whence they came?
Qui sont-ils et leurs origines?


Who are they and from whence they came?


In the late eighties, a creative group of older weightlifters started to develop the possibility of having a recognized group of Masters Weightlifters within the Canadian Weightlifting Federation.  For several years, pockets of impromptu competitions were organized in Ontario and Alberta. Interest began to grow and the number of interested athletes increased.


This group of Masters Weightlifters approached the Canadian Weightlifting Federation and an arrangement appeared to have been made, and accepted, for them to form a Masters Committee.  In 1996 a constitution was created and the eager group of Masters began to organize themselves and be of service to interested masters weightlifters.  The group changed its name in 2002 from the Canadian Masters Weightlifting Association to the Canadian Weightlifting Federation Haltérophilie Canadienne Maîtres Committee and continued to operate as if they were part of the Canadian Weightlifting Federation.


As this new Federation began to evolve, it created many opportunities for competitions, certificates and awards that were uniquely afforded to provincial athlete members of the CWFHCM.  Members paid a separate membership fee to join this Federation.


The Canadian Masters Weightlifting Federation continued under this quasi relationship with the CWFHC until it came to light in 2012 that the Canadian Masters were not constitutionally part of the CWFHCM and that there were no official documents indicating that they ever were. In fact, it was made clear to this writer that the CWFHCM was not then, nor now, interested in having the Canadian Masters included within their organization and were quite content to have the Canadian Masters Federation continue to be the recognized representative of Canadian Masters weightlifters. The mandate of the CWFHCM in the area of Masters (LTAD – Masters) defaulted to, and became, the sole focus of the CMWFHCM.


Starting in 2016 the CMWFHCM Executive began revamping its bylaws and job descriptions to more accurately reflect their unique and independent status within the Canadian Weightlifting community.  In 2018, the Canadian Masters approved a new set of bylaws that clarified their organizational structure and how their affairs would be conducted.  This year the Canadian Masters Weightlifting Federation became a legally incorporated not-for-profit sports organization.


Considering that many of CMWFHCM members are Technical Officials with the CWFHC, athletes at the Provincial level, members of the CWFHC via their Provincial Weightlifting Association, serve as elected officers within their respective provincial weightlifting associations and with some serving as members of the CWFHC Board of Directors, the Canadian Masters Federation will continue to reach out, develop and enhance professional relationships with the Canadian Weightlifting Federation.


The Canadian Masters Weightlifting Federation is a robust, focused and a truly representative organization standing for the hopes and aspirations of Masters Weightlifters in Canada.  In the international sphere of Masters Weightlifting they have become a well-respected member of the international weightlifting community.


This is who the Canadian Masters are and from whence they came.  In my next article, I will share with you what the CMWFHCM is trying to accomplish for our Masters members and why.  Until then, you are welcome to check out their website, where you will find information about the Canadian Masters, FAQ, their elected and advisory team members, regulations, and a lot more. Over the past few years, their website has matured into a wealth of information with contributions from an expanding group of dedicated members.  You could be one of them!


Mark Gomes and Paule Poulin