CMWFHC Board passes motion re: Qualifying Totals And Meets for International Athletes / Le conseil du CMWFHC adopte la motion concernant les totaux et rencontres de qualification pour les athlètes internationaux

Eligible Competition for a Canadian Athlete Qualification at International Master Level Events

The following motion was unanimously approved by the CMWFHC Council on October 3, 2018:

Canadian athletes wishing to qualify for an international Masters Level competition in 2019-20 and 21 must have met the minimum standards required in a CMWFHC sanctioned competition including doping controls.

Events sanctioned by the CMWFHC include Masters Provincial Championships, Canadian Masters Championships, Masters Canada Cups or any other CMWFHC or IWF-M sanctioned event including doping controls.

Athletes can not qualify for international Masters level events at local or regional events.

In addition, athletes wishing to qualify must be members in good standing of the CMWFHC and their respective Provincial and / or Territorial Weightlifting Federation (or the CWFHC if none exists) this requirement must be met before the start of the competition in which the athlete wants to qualify.

Qualifying meets and   qualifying totals for Canadian athletes at international Masters events

The following motion was jointly developed and unanimously approved by the Board on October 3, 2018:

Qualifying totals for 2019 – 2021 international masters events can only be made at a sanctioned CMWFHC event. A sanctioned CMWFHC event includes Provincial Masters Competitions, the Canadian Masters Weightlifting Championships, the Canada Cup Cup or another IWF Masters Event.   Totals obtained at local or regional events can not be used. Athletes must be members of the CMWFHC and their respective Provincial / Territorial Weightlifting Association (or CWFHC if none exist) prior to the qualifying competition where the qualifying total is made within the qualifying period.