The Canadian Masters Weightlifting Federation Announces Support for Interprovincial Virtual Masters Open Competitions

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Interprovincial Virtual Masters Open Competitions

2021 08 18


A recent International Masters Weightlifting Survey created by Dr Marianne Huebner noted some interesting information from Canadian respondents.”In summary, there were 1068 participants across 6 countries.


Australia            91 (51% women)            Canada            124 (56% women)            USA                  658 (54% women)

Germany         134 (25% women)            Spain                 34 (22% women)             Great Britain    27 (70% women)


Perhaps of immediate interest for national chairs are the responses to the question ‘Which weightlifting specific events would you like to see continue after the pandemic?’  with options ‘virtual qualifying competitions,’ ‘virtual championships,’ ‘webinars,’ ‘other.’  This was answered by 831 of the 1068 participants.


Of these 831 participants 56% would like to have future virtual qualifying competitions (43.3% of all 1068). Specifically, more women than men chose this option (65% vs 45%). Canadian respondents were especially in favor (69%) ..” (Dr M Huebner)


The Canadian Masters Weightlifting Federation will support any interprovincial virtual Masters Open competition that meets the following criteria:

  1. The Meet is organized and conducted entirely by the host club.
  2. Technical Officials are recruited, assigned and remunerated by the host club. The CMWFHCM will encourage technical officials to volunteer.
  3. The Meet is open to Masters (CMWFHCM or provincial masters) from all provinces.
  4. Totals achieved will be recognized as qualifiers for international masters’ competitions for CMWFHCM members and for the Canadian Masters Weightlifting Championships.
  5. Snatches, Clean and Jerks, and Totals achieved will be eligible for virtual records by CMWFHCM members.
  6. The Meet is not a qualifier for Hall of Fame points.