Canadians Shine in Orlando at World Weightlifting Championships 2022

2.Judy Quinn inducted into PAM Hall of Fame
2.Judy Quinn inducted into PAM Hall of Fame
1.Manon Poulin and Gabriel Auclair with the Team Awards

Team Canada at the 2022 World Masters Weightlifting Championships

A whole lot of Champions

After almost three years training for a minimal number of weightlifting competitions, an impressive number of Canadian athletes participated in the 2022 World Masters Weightlifting Championships in Orlando, Florida.  This year the event was hosted by the USAW Masters Committee and as usual, they have done an excellent job.


Due to some remaining travel restrictions, some of our members could not participate, however, we managed to see 92 members compete, with 56 of those athletes belonging to our women’s contingent. Currently, our Records Secretary has received twelve applications from participating members, nine of which, were also from our women athletes.


Although our Team consists of 56 women and 36 men, points are only accumulated from 8 members of each team. Our Mens team won second place with 198 points, 14 points less than the USAW mens team.  Our Womens team won second place with 196 points, tying the American team.  However, the points are based on the medals earned.  The American team won 7 golds to our one, so that was why they took first.  If totals were based on the total S-M-F points, the Womens Team would have won by 116 S-M-F points. Still, an excellent accomplishment by both of our teams. Information about team selection and points can be found on our website in the Regulations section.


Our team members were  Men: Gabriel Auclair (Guardian), Raf Korkowski, Sacha Amédé, André Boutin, Maxime Huot, Claude Caouette, Michel  Piétracupa, Steve Bishop (Mohan Sandhu, John Garden, Jocelyn Normand)


Women: Megan Apostoleris (Guardian), Joanne Jeffrey, Isabelle Gauthier, Laurie Meschishnick, Molly Zirkle, Anita Boray, Sharon Ko, Sylvie Guénette (Manon Poulin, Carol Akasaka, Cathy Hambly).


This year was also the first international masters event that included adaptive athletes participating as para weightlifters.  Participating as our first Canadian para weightlifters were Nalani Perry and Scott Glass. Both secured Gold in their age/bodyweight and para weightlifting categories. I hope to see more adaptive athletes take up our sport at the club level in preparation for the Canadian Masters Nationals next year.


All our competing athletes will receive 3 Hall of Fame points for participating. For athletes who received medals, the gold medal athletes receive 7 points, the silver medal athletes receive 5 points and the bronze medal athletes receive 4 points.  Hall of Fame information can be found on this website in the Awards section.  Judy Quinn, one of our gold medal winners, was presented the Pan American Masters Hall of Fame Award after being officially inducted in 2020.  Congratulations Judy.


In addition, if any of our participants also participated in this year’s Pan American Masters Championships, the Canadian Masters Weightlifting Championships, and their Provincial Masters Weightlifting Championships, they can apply for the President’s Attollo Award.  Information can be found on this website in the Awards section.


The results of our Canadian athletes can be found on this website under Results. The full results will be posted on the IMWA site  IWF Results (iwfmasters.org) and on the IMWA Facebook page  https://www.facebook.com/groups/107809566591577 .


Congratulations to all our members who were able to participate this year.  Now their plans start for the 2023 World Masters Weightlifting Championships next August in Krakow, Poland.