Megan Apostoleris from Nova Scotia(1)
Canadian Grand Master Isabelle Gauthier and Coach Evgeuni Romanov (1)
Doug Sinclair from Manitoba(1)


It might be winter, but the sport of masters weightlifting will be sizzling with Canadian Masters Weightlifters at the Wyndham Resort International in Orlando, Florida. From December 2-10, weights will be flung overhead, weightlifting shoes will be fixed on the weightlifting platform and the Canadian flag will be flown on the podium during the 2022 World Masters Weightlifting Championships. This international masters event is hosted by the USAW and its Masters Committee under the leadership of Chairman Michael Cohen. Canadian athletes are well represented over their ten bodyweight categories and eleven age categories. John Margolis and Doris Hellenbart have the honour of representing Canada in the 80 and 75 age categories, respectively. Competing will be 64 women and 46 men.


This is also the first World Masters Weightlifting Championships which will include adaptive athletes competing as para weightlifters. In Canada, the athletes in this newly included category are referred to as Para Weightlifters. The International Masters Weightlifting Association (IMWA) has opted to use the USAW expression “adaptive weightlifting.” Representing Canada will be Nalani Perry, from Nova Scotia,and Saskatchewan’s Scott Glass. The inclusion of para weightlifting in Canada started with the development of policies and procedures by their President, Mark Gomes and the promotion of this inclusivity by their Federation’s Director for the Advancement of Para Weightlifting, Nalani Perry. More information can be found here: PARA WEIGHTLIFTING / PARA HALTÉROPHILIE – Canadian Masters Weightlifting Federation (cdnmastersweightlifting.org). The Canadian Masters Weightlifting community was very pleased to see the International Masters Weightlifting Association, under the leadership of Secretariat Denise Offermann and General Secretary William (Bill) Barton, take the bold step to quickly invite and welcome adaptive athletes into the international community as adaptive athletes/para weightlifters.


Qualifying for the World Masters Championships is not an easy task, particularly with the reduced opportunity to participate in qualifying competitions during the Covid pandemic restrictions. But these athletes did just that and have well surpassed the qualifying totals in every single age and bodyweight category. Without competitions sanctioned by Canadian Provincial Weightlifting Associations (affiliates of Weightlifting Canada Haltérophilie, “WCH”) and their own Canadian Masters Weightlifting Federation Haltérophilie Canadienne Maîtres (CMWFHCM), these athletes would haven not reached their current level of achievement and an invitation from the Internal Masters Weightlifting Association to participate.


Although all participating members constitute the “Canadian Team”, the official Canadian team is selected by the National Chair based on the award points accumulated by ten women and ten men selected. Selection-of-World-Masters-Teams.Sélection-des-équipes-mondiales-de-maîtres.pdf (cdnmastersweightlifting.org) explains how the Canadian Team points are derived from the ten team members’ award medals accomplishments.


Here are the Canadian Team members in alphabetical order, by Provincial affiliation, and age/bodyweight category.

If you know these athletes, please generously support them to help defray some of their expenses; for as you know, Masters are solely financially responsible for competing in national and international masters championships. Masters Federations do not receive government funding, though some Provincial Weightlifting Associations may provide some grants.


Surname FIRST Prov M/W CAT
Adams David NL M M45/89
Akasaka Carol BC W W50/64
Amede Sacha NB M M45/96
Apostoleris Megan NS W W40/71
Astle Craig SK M M40/73
Auclair Gabriel QC M M35/109+
Barazzuol Carol ON W W50/76
Bishop Steven PE M M45/102
Boray Anita QC W W45/55
Boutin André QC M M60/89
Brouillard Karine QC W W40/+87
Burk Liisa ON W W55/81
Buzinhani Melisssa QC W  W45/45
Cameron Heather `BC W W55/64
Caouette Claude QC M M50/73
Carignan Yves QC M M70/67
Collins Cynthia CAN W W40/81
Cormier Remi QC M M35/81
Coughlan Crista SK W W50/+87
Crane Jamie ON M M55/89
Croteau Manon QC W W55/59
Crotty Chris NL M M55/102
Datema Melanie ON W W45/64
David Janella BC W W45/49
Delisle Annie-Claude QC W W45/64
Deshaye Matt AB M M40/89
Desroches David ON M M65/109
Dessureault Dave ON M M50/89
Dewar Sandy AB W W65/76
Di Pierro Connie ON W W40/76
Doucette Greg NB M M55/81
Douglas Iain ON M M70/102
Florento John ON M M40/61
Foster Richelle AB W W35/87+
Francoeur Valerie QC W W35/59
Francoeur Providence QC W W45/71
Garden John NS M M55/89
Gaudet Danielle NB W W35/59
Gauthier Jason ON M M55/109
Gauthier Isabelle QC W W50/59
Gilbert Craig MB M M45/+109
Glass Scott SK M PW6/M50/96
Gray Hannah AB W W45/87
Green Jana MB W W40/76
Guenette Sylvie ON W W55/64
Gyarmati Brenda ON W W50/59
Hambly Cathy BC W W40/81
Hamilton Jennifer AB W W40/64
Hellenbart Doris ON W W75/55
Herbert Martine ON W W40/71
Huot Maxime QC M M35/81
Hutchinson Glen AB M M45/89
Jeffrey Joanne ON W W40/49
Johnson James ON M M40/102
Ki Virginia ON W W35/71
Kielty Paula ON W W55/55
Kim Kiho CAN M M55/67
Knudsen Laura ON w W40/76
Ko Sharon BC W W35/71
Korkowski Raf BC M M40/109+
Krinsky Warren BC M M40/89
Lander Karen ON W W65/64
Lanthier Cybele QC W W55/64
Larviere Martine QC W W55/55
Lavechia Krystal ON W W35/55
Ly Tin QC M M50/67
MacMillan Adrian PE M M45/109
Manuel Eugene NB M M50/81
Margolis John QC M M80/81
Matte Yvon QC M M75/73
McCardle Lindsay ON W W35/64
Meschishnick Laurie SK W W55/64
Miller Ken NB M M75/67
Miller Jill NB W W70/59
Normand Jocelyn QC M M60/96
Ogle David BC M M35/89
Penny Allison NL W W40/71
Perry Nalani NS W PW6/W40/87+
Piel-glade Linsey MB W W35/87
Pietracupa Michel QC M M60/73
Pineault James ON M M55/96
Pirrie Danielle ON W W45/81
Poitras Anne Marie NB W W40/71
Poulin Manon QC W W55/59
Pridham Tyler BC M M35/89
Purac Stella BC W W50/55
Quinn Judy ON W W70/76
Reid Jil SK W W40/81
Reyes Jay ON W W40/87
Robertson Jordan ON W W40/64
Robson Frances SK W W60/59
Ross Dawn NS W W50/55
Roussel Mireille QC W W40/71
Sanderson Tim ON M M55/109
Sandhu Tirath BC M M50/109
Sandhu Mohan ON M M45/102
Slack Alan SK M M50/96
Smith Chris ON M M60/81
Stein Tracey AB W W35/87
Stewart Ruth BC W W65/71
Stranges Shaelene UK W W35/76
Tasnadi Attila NB M M45/81
Tortorici Nicola QC M M36/67
Villagonzolo Marifé ON W W50/71
Waller Aurora MB W W45/55
Warner Pamela ON W W40/49
Waterfield Madeleine ON W W55/81
White Theron BC M M40/89
Zirkle Molly ON W W55/59