President announces Attollo Awards 2021

Attollo Awards 2021

It gives me great pleasure to present the Attollo Award. The Attollo Award is achieved when a member of our Federation either gets a Gold in at least three required competitions (Gold Award) or has participated in at least three of the same required competitions (Participation Award). The required competitions are the athlete’s Provincial Masters, Canadian Masters, Pan American Masters or World Masters Championships.


Accomplishing this achievement in our sport of Masters Weightlifting does not come easy. It requires great fitness, determination, dedication, and of course, considerable personal expenses.


Congratulations to the following members. The members of our Federation and I are very proud of you.

The Attollo Award – 2021

(Provincial Master, Canadian Masters Championships, Pan American Masters, World Masters Championships)

Gold Award Winners

Steven Bishop (PE), Janella David (BC) and Raf Korkowski (BC) – Gold

Participation Award Winners

Dave Dessureault, Jamie Crane, Joanne Jeffrey, Pamela Warner, Kelly Condon, Danielle Holdsworth, Alison Blackhurst (ON)

Cathy Hambly, Sue Spencer, Ken Lo, Amanda Whiting (BC)

Marguerite Phillips, (NS)